A lot of people helped on Dead Fred, and we are so grateful to everyone. Our caterer deserves an honourable mention, keeping us healthily but heartily satiated every day! If you don’t see your name it’s just because we haven’t found a good enough picture yet!


Deanna has directed several short and long films now, set everywhere from the new forest to the Canary Islands! When she is not working with actors she is writing, and you can see her handywork again in our next upcoming film, SKULLZ!

Deanna Dewey


John has worked in film & TV for almost twenty years as a camera and Steadicam operator, and more recently as a Director of Photography. His top credits include Red Dwarf XII, BBC Springwatch, 5 Greedy Bankers, The Wynters Men, Skullz, and lots of high level corporate work for repeating clients such as IBM, Farnborough Airshow, Ouno Creative, Ultimate Strongman events, and many more.

John E Fry

Director of Photography

Chad has been shooting for over fifteen years for many high level clients and a promo films. He has a very easy way about him, getting the job done but also managing to always look cool too!

Chris Chadwick (Chad)

Camera Operator

Jake is now freelance photographer and videographer, after taking some superb on set stills for Dead Fred. He also captured a lot of the dialogue, boom swinging like a pro!

Jake Webb

Stills Photography & Boom Operator

Dave captured a lot of the audio on Dead Fred, between making us laugh! Always arriving with a smile, Dave adds levity to any situation, and considering he is usually mixing other people's sound on his decks as a DJ, he did a fine job placing the mics where they needed to be on our film!

DJ Dave Hillier

Boom Swinger / Production Assistant

Alice quietly sorted everything out on her weeks on Dead Fred form costumes, to hair & makeup to general assisting. She was really helpful and easy to work with!

Alice Hume

Costume, Hair & Makeup

The Creepy Baby was a leftover prop from another TF Film, yet managed to pop up everywhere while shooting Dead Fred! He would appear in a variety of outfits, occasionally riding a metal chicken, sometimes with a hat on, sometimes with chicken feet for hands, but always with the same horrifying expression! What was so offputting about CB was his too lifelike features, and the way he just kept moving around seemingly of his own accord!

The Creepy Baby

Ever-present terror.

Caroline was also Assistant Producer on Dead Fred, managing the schedule, logistics and anything else that needed doing!

Caroline Otto

Assistant Producer